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Homesteading and Prepping

Homesteading and prepping

Differences Homesteading and Prepping

Not all preppers are homesteaders but I do believe that all homesteaders are preppers. It just seems that homesteading and prepping go together. Preppers plan and stock supplies for a possible future crisis. Homesteaders prepare every day because it is their lifestyle to do just that.

Prepping in the city and suburbs

We have friends who live in the city who have about 30 days of food and water stored. A couple of firearms and ammunition and some other things they call themselves preppers. Now only one of them has ever hunted none have gardens. We also have a friend who lives in the suburbs has stored food and water. Firearms and ammunition can hunt and fish, raises chickens, rabbits and has a garden plot in his backyard.

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Off Grid Homesteading

Then there’s us we live off grid on our homestead we grow the majority of our food. We preserve it by canning fruits and vegetables, we also dry and pack it in an airtight jar. We raise chickens, ducks, geese, and turkeys for eggs and meat. Duck eggs are great for baking. We also raise goats, sheep, for milk and meat we have a milk cow. We raise one or two beef steers and pigs to butcher each year. Plus there is usually a deer or elk to put up each year. We have a smokehouse for smoking some of the meat like ham and bacon, sausage and fish.

We can always count on our neighbors when needed and they can count on us.

So not all preppers are homesteaders but all homesteaders are preppers we work each and every day to survive.

We probably won’t even notice if we’re hit with an EMP because our power is solar, we heat with wood. All of our appliances are propane and we have a propane generator for backup when needed.

self sufficient life

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Self Sufficient Life

self sufficient life Sufficient Life

The title of this post probably had you thinking we are going to describe the Self Sufficient Lifestyle. I want to introduce you to a site I found while surfing the web doing research on a future post. Self Sufficient Life has just about all the educational material for any homesteader or interested in the Self Sufficient Lifestyle.

Have you ever thought about Beekeeping, Herbal Medicine, Hydroponic Gardening? This website has that and more.

Today I ordered their Beekeeping Guide and Hydroponic Gardening I will be reviewing them in a later post.









This is a great resource for both the beginning homesteader or the experienced prepper. Books can be ordered from our store.